About the hotel

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The new building has 63 rooms in the upper two floors. The rooms are stylishly furnished with comfortable beds and a working space, with the possibility of connection to the f wired or wireless internet access, fully accessible free of charge at the hotel.

The hotel's reception is open 24 hours a day. Hotel Mexico Hotel is full of positive energy, always ready to help our guests or just chat about beautiful Ljubljana.

On the ground floor you can find a restaurant, a pharmacy and a medical equipment store , and on the lower floor there is a car wash . The exterior and interior of the building combine a modern style that nicely complements the neighboring architecture of the city of Ljubljana with important buildings, the housing block of Mexico, which is the first example of collective housing construction in Ljubljana.

There is also a parking lot and a grocery store nearby. A 10 minute walk from the city center of Ljubljana allows you to take a short walk along the Ljubljanica River and follow the city hustle and bustle that takes you through many outlets, stalls, street events and smiling faces of passers-by.

Avista Hotel Management d.o.o., Njegoševa cesta 6K, 1000 Ljubljana, ID za DDV : SI32117892, Matična številka: 7191782000
Registriran pri Okrožnem sodišču v Ljubljani št. vložka SRG 2016/52129, kapital 7.5000,00 EUR
Transakcijski/devizni račun: IBAN SI56 3000 0001 9237 949 pri banki Sberbank banka d.d., SWIFT CODE/BIC: SA BRSI2X