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Cookie Policy

Cookies are small data files that a website can place on your computer or mobile device when you visit that website. Most websites use cookies because they help make the website work better. Some examples of how they help are:

  • Remembering which language you chose for the website
  • Remembering your reservation choice so it can be used to book your reservation
  • Understanding how you use the website so we can make it even better

The list below explains the cookies we use on our website and why we use them.

Piwik Analytics

  • Name: _pk_ref
  • Purpose: Determine which pages visitors come from to get to our website, so we can identify which websites generate the most traffic
  • Expiration: 6 months

Piwik Analytics

  • Name: _pk_id
  • Purpose: Avoid counting a person twice when we count how many people visit our website
  • Expiration: 2 years

Piwik Analytics

  • Name: _pk_ses
  • Purpose: Tracks a session, i.e., how long you’re on our website
  • Expiration: 30 minutes

BookingSuite, Inc.

  • Name: landing
  • Purpose: Stores which page of our website you land on
  • Expiration: When you close your browser

BookingSuite, Inc.

  • Name: promocode
  • Purpose: Stores the promo code (if one was included in the URL) when you land on our site - we can remember this when you go to the booking engine to reserve a room at a better rate
  • Expiration: When you close your browser

Amazon Web Services

  • Name: AWSELB
  • Purpose: Balances traffic to many different machines so everyone can get a fast connection
  • Expiration: 30 minutes

Go Daddy

  • Purpose: A website seal to prove domain ownership
  • Expiration: When you close your browser

Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including which cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit or


Information on the use of HTTP cookies

Basic information

The new Electronic Communications Act (ZEK-1) implementing into the Slovenian legislation the revised Directive 2002/58/EC on privacy in electronic communications enters into force on 15/06/2013 and applies to all websites that in any way for their operations use web cookies and similar technologies.

The Directive is amended also in provisions stipulating cookies and similar technologies, enabling to store information or to obtain information stored on the user's terminal equipment (such as computer, mobile device). The use of such technologies is now possible only on the basis of the consent of the user.

The use of cookies on the Web has been in place for a long time. However, users of such technologies are generally very poorly informed and not quite familiar with the tools enabling management of cookies.

What are HTTP cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is transferred to the user’s computer when he/she visits a website and may contain:

• name of the server from which the cookie is sent;

• lifetime of the cookie;

• value, - in general randomly generated unique number.

The cookie itself does not contain or collect information. However, identification of a cookie by the server together with a web browser enables assistance in the implementation of user-friendly services, for instance, to recall previous purchases or data about the user's account. By fact, only the server that has sent a cookie can read and use it. Thus, cookies can also enrich the user’s experience on the safe website. On the other hand, cookies are also used in ways that constitute an interference with an individual's privacy. Cookies can be stored for different periods, namely only for the duration of a browsing session or much longer.

Web analytics

In accordance with the Electronic Communications Act (ZEK-1), IC-RS guidelines and additional opinion of  IC-RS some analytics cookies to use its own analysts have already been served when you visit that kind of website. In case of using third party analysts we are obliged to fully respect the legislation and accordingly anonymise the user’s information in a manner they can not be used for purposes other than for our own analytics of website visits.

Learn more about Google Analytics cookies, their purpose and duration on the website of Cookie statement.

If you want to block Google Analytics, you can do it on this website.

List of HTTP cookies on the website

A website, on which you are, for its operation uses web cookies. The following is a list of all the Web cookies used by the website and an explanation of their purpose. Any third party that can via the website serve cookies is listed.

Cookie manager Cookie Purpose of a cookie



As associated with the server’s session a cookie disappears when the session expires, i.e. when the Web site is no longer accessed. Therefore it is of crucial importance for the functioning of the application.

Google Analitics


Cookies are used to collect information on the use of the Web site by a user. The data enables improvement of solutions. Cookies collect information anonymously including information on the number of Web sites accessed by users and from where being accessed.

Click here for more information on privacy policy of Google.


The purpose of the additional HTTP cookie "cookiesDirective" (1st party) is to store the user's decision concerning the use of web cookies and put it on a current website. Additional cookie is "gaDisable" (1st party) whose purpose is to store the user's decision not to wish that Google Analytics cookie is present on the user's computer.


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